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Measuring social media ROI Sea Salt Social

Measuring social media ROI: get more bang for your buck

How can you ensure that the time, energy, and resources you put into your company’s social media channels is actually paying off? How do you go about measuring social media ROI (or, return on investment)? It does get quite complex if your goals aren’t purely profit or conversion driven – what about if your main…

How to run a Facebook competition

Running a Facebook competition: what you need to know

So you’ve got a Facebook page for your business, and you’ve got a few loyal fans already. Nice! But how can you boost Facebook fans in your area? One of the easiest low-cost methods is to run a Facebook competition. First, set a goal. What do you want to achieve? Do you want more fans?…

Followers vs engagment social media

Followers vs. engagement: What’s more important?

When I first visit my clients, what they initially say is they want more followers on social media. While this is a fair objective, it’s also vital to understand that your follower count isn’t the most significant indicator of social media success. ‘Engagement’ is a much more effective measure. Want more followers? Forget the numbers…