Are you getting the most from your business Instagram profile?

When you’re busy running a small business it can be easy to neglect your most important promotional tools, we get it. But there are a few quick changes you can make to your business Instagram profile to really ensure your content is easily discoverable by your potential customers.

Here’s the essentials:

Register as a business profile

This is crucial in order to build your following and promote your content to the right people. If you’ve already established a personal profile and want to make the switch, here’s some easy to follow instructions.

So what’s the difference between a personal Instagram profile and a business Instagram profile?

Firstly, the ability to add a ‘call to action’ button, making it simple for customers to get in touch or visit your website to make a purchase.

Secondly, you’re able to access all kinds of cool analytics that will allow you to understand your rates of engagement and the kinds of content that resonate with your customers.

Thirdly, you can begin some simple ad campaigns to target niche audiences from your business Instagram profile if you have an advertising budget.

Tell people about your business using the bio section

You’ve got a limited amount of space at the top of your business Instagram profile to tell people ‘who, what, and where’ and why your business is unique. Simple is best, so get straight to the point!

You can also use the bio to temporarily promote your latest campaign, deal, or product launch.

Use hashtags!

If you use Instagram, you’ll know that it’s so easy to search for the right content using hashtags that categorise posts and make them more ‘discoverable’.

Make your content easy to find by using relevant hashtags, and if you’re hoping to target customers in a specific geographic location (near your business, for example) then make sure to hashtag your city or town in your posts.

You can use up to 30 hashtags on a regular Instagram post, so make the most of these.

You can be a bit sneaky and check out the hashtags your competitors are using on their business Instagram profile, and use these to your advantage so your content is also able to be seen by their customers.StockSnap_OZOFWQBFDM

Create story highlights that can be viewed at any time

You may be familiar with how Instagram stories work – unlike regular posts on the grid, stories disappear within 24 hours. But you can ensure your stories have a permanent home on your page underneath the bio section. This is handy if you have several different products, services, or deals to categorise.

Story highlights are also a great way to showcase user-generated content, or stories that your customers have mentioned you in.

There’s a good resource about Instagram stories on the Hootsuite blog if you’re interested in learning more.

Your business Instagram profile is often your first introduction to potential customers, so ensure that each post you create is relevant, interesting, and engaging. You’ll be in your way to building a loyal following in no time!

Don’t have the time to fine-tune your socials? Or maybe you need a bit more help? Get in touch and we’d be happy to walk you through it!