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User-generated content: a quick guide

If you run a business, then you may have been tagged in social media posts by people who have either visited your premises or purchased your products. Wonderful! This is a great way to have your brand reach people who are similar to your current customers, especially if the content is positive and appealing — money literally cannot buy this genuine praise online.
So, how can you get more people to share their positive experiences with your brand online, and what can you then do with that content?

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Product photography for social media: five expert tips

If you’re in the business of selling products to consumers direct from a store then it’s likely you’ve had a drop in visitors to your premises, and are looking to make more sales online. This is where good clear product photography for social media is really important — so we asked our friend, Tasmanian photographer Jessica Hirst, for her top five tips on getting the perfect product snap for your socials.

Adapting to the new normal: getting back on track

Well, it’s been an interesting (and dare we use the over-worked phrase of 2020… ‘unprecedented’) time for many businesses ⁠— both large and small. Covid-19, or coronavirus, has knocked many of us for six and left us scrambling to adapt to a new world in which distance is king and the outdoors is out-of-bounds. It’s…

All new emoji for 2020!

Emojipedia today released sample images for each of the new emojis approved as part of this year’s update. And we’re so excited for some of the new additions! There are 117 new emoji, including the magic wand, bubble tea, and bell pepper (these are just some of our favourites!) There are also some fantastic new…