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How to run a Facebook competition

Running a Facebook competition: what you need to know

So you’ve got a Facebook page for your business, and you’ve got a few loyal fans already. Nice! But how can you boost Facebook fans in your area? One of the easiest low-cost methods is to run a Facebook competition. First, set a goal. What do you want to achieve? Do you want more fans?…

Followers vs engagment social media

Followers vs. engagement: What’s more important?

When I first visit my clients, what they initially say is they want more followers on social media. While this is a fair objective, it’s also vital to understand that your follower count isn’t the most significant indicator of social media success. ‘Engagement’ is a much more effective measure. Want more followers? Forget the numbers…

Social media is changing the way Tasmanians do business

Are you a small business owner in Tasmania? You may well have realised that simply having a physical store and relying on word-of-mouth is no longer enough to ensure you’re trading at capacity. Once it was enough to set-up shop, maybe pop an ad in The Mercury, and wait for the residents of Hobart to eventually discover your presence.