templo, Hobart

In September 2015, templo co-owners Matt Breen and Chris Chapple approached Sea Salt Social to establish their online presence and tasked us with spreading the word about this tiny 20-seater restaurant.

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Being situated on the outer fringe of the city meant that templo couldn’t rely on frequent footfall to attract potential diners to their restaurant. Also, templo had a limited budget for promotion, and together we decided that their funds were better spent working to build a great online reputation, rather than on traditional print media or radio advertising.

We set up templo’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, then engaged local photographer Chris Crerar to take some spectacular images to use across social media to attract potential diners.

For templo, the key has been to engage the local Hobart community and rely on great word-of-mouth reviews – turbo-charged by a consistent online presence.

Slowly, but surely, templo built an incredibly loyal fan base, and their online following increased organically as diners shared their experiences and reviews online, prompting others to visit.

LR Templo Hobart - June2016 Chris Crerar-8090_

templo has seen the most success with their Instagram account, it’s proved the most engaging way to communicate delicious new menu items, behind-the-scenes kitchen methods, and to showcase local Tasmanian ingredients.

Now in their third year of operation, templo’s popularity shows no signs of slowing down. We’re proud to have played a small part in their success story, and we’re looking forward to helping other businesses like templo to achieve the same great online reputation.

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