10 ways to get more Instagram followers

Feel like you’re posting photos and no one is seeing them? There’s several ways you can increase your Instagram followers, but it takes time and careful consideration.

In Australia, over five million people use Instagram every month, and active users are increasing steadily. Instagram is a brilliant platform for businesses to tell their story, advertise good and services, and encourage repeat spending.

Here’s ten ways you can improve your Instagram account, and help boost the online visibility of your business:

Draw up a clear Instagram strategy

What do you want to achieve? It’s no use using a social media platform if you don’t have clear goals and metrics to measure success. Is your aim to show off your product selection? Do you want to give a behind-the-scenes look into your business? Are you wanting to lure more people in to your store? Have a think about your goals and try and align your content accordingly.

Craft an informative profile and contact information

Ensure you use the bio section to clearly state what your business is, where to find it, and how to contact you. Make your profile picture clear, and add a link to your website or email address.

Use quality images

Take the time to ensure your photos are the best they can be. There are plenty of online tutorials that can show you how to best represent your business on Instagram using photos. Take a look at this post from The Muse: Secrets to Taking Better Instagram Photos.


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Be consistent

Try and maintain a regular posting schedule. The beauty of Instagram is that it’s such a fast-moving platform that regular posting won’t irritate your followers – as long as the content is relevant.

Keep an eye on your competitors

What are your main competitors using Instagram for? It pays to see how they interact with the community and how they use the platform. Maybe they’ve missed a niche market you can capitalise on, so watch them carefully.

Be engaging

Social media is not just a one-way broadcast platform. Spend some time every day commenting on and liking the photos posted by your followers and local businesses in your area. Answer any customer queries as soon as you’re able, and try to foster good positive conversation.

Use relevant hashtags and captions

Make your account more ‘discoverable’ by including relevant hashtags and captions on each post. Again, check on the types of hashtags your competitors are using, and jump on the bandwagon. Also, think about inventing your own hashtag that you can use on your posts and encourage your followers to do the same.

Cross-promote your account on other platforms

Let your Facebook and Twitter followers know that you’re on Instagram and encourage them to follow you there. It’s important that your Instagram account isn’t simply duplicating content though, you want to give them a reason to follow you for different posts and photos.

Try Instagram sponsored posts

Instagram taps into Facebook’s wealth of customer data, allowing your business to only advertise to the people who will be really interested. The audience segments you can select to have your posts served to can be incredibly niche and narrow, so this is a great way to boost your followers fast.

Learn from the insights tool

Instagram’s insights tool allows you to measure and analyse how each post has resonated with the audience, so take the time to look at this and adapt your content accordingly. It also helps understand the best time of day to post, and this can be important if you want your posts seen and liked by more people.

We have loads more tips on how to get more out of your Instagram account, so if you’d like more information, get in touch!