Adapting to the new normal: getting back on track

Well, it’s been an interesting (and dare we use the over-worked phrase of 2020… ‘unprecedented’) time for many businesses ⁠— both large and small.

Covid-19, or coronavirus, has knocked many of us for six and left us scrambling to adapt to a new world in which distance is king and the outdoors is out-of-bounds.

It’s been fascinating watching as businesses pivot and change focus ⁠— sometimes entirely ⁠— to stay afloat. From personal experience of the last few months, it’s forced new ways of thinking, working, and communicating.

For now, as we head into another crisp Tasmanian winter, it feels as though the distance between us is shrinking again and things are returning ever-so-tentatively to the way they ‘used’ to be ⁠— albeit with some pretty significant guidelines still in place.

What does this mean for your business? And how can you begin to creep back towards ‘normal’ in this strange new cautious landscape?

Here’s a few tips from us:

Double-check your online details

Have your operating hours changed? Are you working from a new temporary premises? Have you checked to ensure your contact details are correct across all your social media channels, your website, your Google My Business listing, printed marketing collateral, and any physical signage? Sometimes the simple details get neglected when there’s a lot to do, so start off making sure these details are all correct so you’re not missing out on any potential customers.

Is your website up-to-date?

Take a look at your website with a fresh pair of eyes. Ask a friend to do a ‘sanity check’ too. Try and approach your website through the eyes of a customer. Can they find everything they need? Is the information about your products or services still as accurate as the last time your website was updated? Are your images working well, or could they use a refresh? Do all the links still work? Take your time and really give your website the attention you’ve maybe been to busy to give it.

Are you complying with the current guidelines regarding coronavirus?

Of course you are! But do your customers know that? Make sure to be quite clear about the way you’re doing business and outline the measures you’ve taken in order to ensure your customer’s health and safety, as well as your own.

Is there an incentive you can offer to lure your past customers back?

Come back with a real bang ⁠— perhaps run a competition, or offer a tempting discount ⁠— maybe try something new! Is there something you can offer that sets your business apart from all the rest? Use your unique selling point to your advantage, and be engaging.

This is a new normal for all of us, and taking your first tentative steps towards ‘business-as-usual’ will be tricky. To coin another over-worked phrase, we’re all in this together, and coronavirus has affected every single person in some way ⁠— business owners and consumers alike.

Marketing at its most fundamental level is about communication. Social media is the amplification of that communication. However you choose to move forward into the rest of 2020, remember to keep your customers at the heart of everything you put out into the world, and the rest will fall into place.

Be well!

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