How to increase Facebook engagement: 4 easy steps

In these socially-connected times, your brand’s Facebook page is as important as your website. It’s not enough to simply have a basic bare-bones presence on social media, you need to think carefully about the content you’re posting with a view to increase Facebook engagement over time.

With Facebook’s newsfeed algorithms constantly changing and evolving, so must your strategy for your social media accounts. We’ll cover a few fail-safe tips on how to increase Facebook engagement; but first of all, what is engagement, and why does it matter?

Let’s take the explanation directly from the experts at

“Engagement with your posts not only reflects your brand’s ability to capture users’ attention and create a connection with your content, but it also determines how many people see your posts.
When users engage, the actions they take appear in their timeline, making their connection with your brand visible to their friends, which contributes to awareness for your brand. Post engagement plays an even larger role in who sees your posts, because it is a major factor in Facebook’s algorithm which determines which News Feeds your posts get displayed in and ultimately, how many users you’re able to reach.
Engagement can also tell you about your audience. The volume of engagement your content receives can indicate the quality of your audiences, and engagement on certain types of posts can provide insight about what they’re interested in.”

Ok, so in a nutshell: the more people who click, comment, share, and watch your content will ultimately lead your post to rank higher, more often, and in more Facebook newsfeeds, thus exposing your brand to more potential fans. Got it?

So let’s look at a few ways you can increase your Facebook engagement:

Have you included a call-to-action?

One of the simplest ways to compel your fans to engage with your post is to include a call-to-action as part of your dialogue. Remind your fans to click on your website link, or answer a survey question, or share your post with a friend, or submit a suggestion, or add their opinion. There are so many ways you can encourage fans to respond!

Make sure you’re not simply ‘broadcasting’

Remember that social media is a two-way communication platform. Just using your account as a way to advertise is not going to help increase Facebook engagement, nor will it capture the attention of new fans.

Are your posts actually interesting enough to engage with?

It might sound like a silly question, but do take a moment to think before you post. Sometimes brands fall into the trap of posting for the sake of it. Remember, quality over quantity. The content you share has to be relevant and interesting enough for people to share it with others.

Experiment with your content to increase Facebook engagement

Facebook is great in that you can get some pretty in-depth analytics on how each post has done in terms of reach and engagement. You might find that your audience responds best to videos rather than photos, or are more likely to click on a website link than a YouTube video. It’s all trial and error, and you can use each post as a way to learn more about your fans and adapt your future posts to suit.

The brilliant thing about Facebook is that it has unlimited potential for brand reach if used correctly. Take some time to get to know how the platform works, and in no time you’ll find you increase Facebook engagement organically as your content evolves.

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