SEO: Writing website copy that search engines LOVE

When writing website copy for your website you need to factor in several important techniques. Where to begin?

First of all, when writing website copy, it has to be compelling enough to entice people to stop and read – this is a given. What you may not know, however, is that good website copy also should be written in a way that makes it appear authoritative to search engines. This will help boost your organic search ranking (as opposed to paid search ranking), and you’ll appear higher in search results. This is commonly referred to as being ‘SEO friendly’.

Here’s some things to remember when writing website copy:

1. Choose a keyword phrase
Think about the words someone might use when they’re searching for what your website offers. Perhaps you sell car parts for vintage cars; so using the words “vintage car parts” think of how you can structure an article using this phrase repetitively.

2. Repeat your keyword phrase throughout
You’ll want to use your selected keyword phrase in the title of your article, and scattered throughout the piece. If your article is about 400 words long, try to use the phrase at least 4-5 times.

3. Link to a reputable website
If you can, try and add a hyperlink to another related page on your website. This shows search engines that you’re a reputable source of information and also may provide the reader with a better experience, helping the customer journey through your website.

4. Keep your article brief
Be careful not to intimidate your reader with lengthy, wordy pages. Be brief and succinct so that once you’ve captured their attention they stick with you until the end. A good length for any article is usually around 400-500 words maximum. This will be enough to get your point across, repeat your keyword phrases a few times, and not cause reader fatigue!

5. Use plenty of images
A picture truly says a thousand words, so use images throughout your article. It’s also important to keep in mind that search engines also pick up on ‘alt tags’ that are embedded in each image. Alt tags describe what the image depicts, and are a great way to inject your keyword phrase a few more times when you’re writing website copy. Search engines love picking up on relevant alt tags, and these will again strengthen your relevance and help boost your search ranking. These alt tags have another nifty function: they’re also used by the visually impaired, so your page will be accessible to more people too.

6. Be consistent with publishing
Keeping your website updated on a regular basis is a great way to prove to search engines that your page is not stagnant; the more you write on relevant topics, the more reputable your page will become.

Want more tips on how to go about writing website copy? We can come and have a chat with you about boosting your brand’s visibility online. Get in touch!