That’s a lot of people using social media! And we want to help you target these social media users and convert them to customers and fans of your brand.

Brand visibility and customer engagement

  • We use Facebook both to showcase your business and to target niche audiences using Facebook Advertising. There are so many ways a healthy Facebook presence can help get users out from behind the screen and into your front door.
  • Mobile-only Instagram is perfect for daily updates from your business – a picture says so much! We’ve found this channel particularly effective when paired with new Instagram ‘promoted’ posts, which can also target a narrow group of users.
  • A Twitter account is wonderful for connecting to the local community. We can use Twitter to monitor mentions of your business and keep on top of any feedback.

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Community engagement and customer service

We offer real-time customer service responses on all social media platforms. Speed is key, as it often means the difference between converting a customer and losing them to a competitor.

Reputation management

On top of the three main social media channels, we can also utilise social media monitoring tools to keep across your industry and to listen out for customer mentions of your brand. It’s vital to be across what people are saying about your brand online. We offer fast and effective responses to any negative mentions of your brand, and encourage customers to leave reviews when they’ve had a great experience.

Email marketing

We can capture customer details in a central database and send regular informative emails advertising your goods and services. This is a great way to keep in touch with existing customers and encourage repeat spending.

Search engine marketing

We’ve got plenty of experience using search engine pay-per-click advertising, and can craft an affordable advertising campaign to ensure your brand gets seen by a relevant audience.

Search engine optimisation

The information on your website is so important, search engines crawl sites regularly and evaluate how reputable your brand is compared to others in your area and industry.  This directly affects your ranking when customers search for relevant keywords. It’s vital the copy on your website is optimised so that customers are sent your way organically.

The possibilities of social media marketing and community engagement are endless, and we’d love to chat about how we can help your business grow!