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free online social media resources

Free online social media resources: do-it-yourself!

Low on cash and need to keep your social media efforts in-house? We understand. Adding yet another expense to your business when you’re first starting out can be taxing. Good social media help doesn’t need to be expensive, though. In fact, if you’re willing to spend a bit of time online, there are a wealth…

Hiring a social media manager Hobart Tasmania Sea Salt Social

Choosing the right social media manager for your business

The online marketing industry is booming at the moment. It seems that every week lately there’s a new social media agency popping up here in Hobart. With so many new offerings and fierce competition, it is more important than ever to be wary when choosing who you trust your brand’s online ‘voice’ to. Before you…

Getting noticed: using Google My Business

Getting noticed: using Google My Business

The first step to getting noticed in your area is making sure you’re using Google My Business correctly. This free business listing tool helps you appear in search results to potential customers and clients nearby, and also is a great way to post essential information such as your opening hours and key services. Getting started…

Social media is changing the way Tasmanians do business

Are you a small business owner in Tasmania? You may well have realised that simply having a physical store and relying on word-of-mouth is no longer enough to ensure you’re trading at capacity. Once it was enough to set-up shop, maybe pop an ad in The Mercury, and wait for the residents of Hobart to eventually discover your presence.