Choosing the right social media manager for your business

The online marketing industry is booming at the moment. It seems that every week lately there’s a new social media agency popping up here in Hobart. With so many new offerings and fierce competition, it is more important than ever to be wary when choosing who you trust your brand’s online ‘voice’ to.

Before you start looking for a social media agency to help you achieve your online goals, take some time to understand the difference between a ‘good’ social media manager, and a ‘great’ social media manager; and don’t be afraid to ask!

Here’s some important skills to look out for:

Do they have the right experience?

What brands has your social media manager worked on before? What sort of results did they achieve for their client? Did they ever have to deal with a crisis? If so, how did that go? Don’t be shy in asking for references, either.

Do they understand your audience?

Can they prove they’ve created content in the past that really resonates with the type of audience you want to attract? Ask for examples!

How will they measure your return-on-investment?

Does your social media manager provide regular analytics and reporting beyond the very basic vanity metrics like follower count? Press your social media manager for in-depth engagement rates on each post, because it’s not the number of followers you have that matters, it’s whether your brand’s marketing goals are actually being met.

Do they understand best practices?

We’ve seen social media managers who caption Instagram posts with generic #hot #awesome #amazing #followback hashtag captions that are really bad news for a brand. Your social media manager should know better than to use hashtags that aren’t relevant to your followers, and they should also know that it’s the best way to get the account suspended entirely! Etiquette for businesses using social media is more important than ever, so make sure your social media manager is the right representative for you.

What’s their skill set like?

Can they take a decent photo that shows off your product or service beautifully? Can they produce video content to use online? Do they understand how search engine optimisation works, and how to improve it? Do they use compelling language? Is their communication style a match for your brand? What about graphic design skills? Ask for a portfolio of work they’ve completed for other brands to get a sense of how well they can represent yours.

Do they actually understand (and love!) social media?

You wouldn’t believe the number of social media managers we’ve seen who have never actually used Twitter! Your social media manager needs to have an in-depth understanding of each of the popular social media platforms in order to assess which is right to promote your business. Using each platform should come with a separate strategy as well – beware the social media manager who believes the same content should be simply replicated across each account.

Do they understand the broader online landscape beyond social media?

Can they ensure your business is represented in online directories, search engines, and review sites? Do they have an understanding of Google’s business tools and other online promotional platforms? If you’re running a hospitality venue, for example, you’re going to need someone who has managed a TripAdvisor host account for a client before.

Are they a good fit for your business?

Even though a freelance social media manager isn’t officially one of your staff, do they have the right personality to collaborate with you on a long-term basis? It’s not essential, but it makes a big difference to work with someone who can adapt to the way you do business.

Remember: hiring a social media manager requires as much careful consideration as hiring a member of staff. They need to be experienced, flexible, multi-talented, and driven, with a passion for all things online – not just social media.

Want someone who can demonstrate all of the above skills, and more? We can help! Contact us for a chat about how we can help you do digital right.