Speaking from experience: working from home tips

Have you suddenly found yourself working remotely when you’re usually office-based? Looking for some working from home tips? It can be an adjustment if you’ve never done it before.

I’ve been working from a home office since 2016 and have settled on a routine that works for me, and I’m happy to share my working from home tips with you!

Rise and shine

While it may be appealing to let your standards slip if you’re not leaving the house, I’ve found that waking up at the same time every day and getting ready as though I’m going to an office helps me get in the right mindset. For me, taking a shower, having (several) coffees, and getting dressed is just the beginning. Try and be at your dedicated workspace (not the sofa!) by 8:30 or 9:00, and begin your day as if you’re in the outside world.

Workspace matters

It’s super important for me to have a clear and physical distinction between ‘home’ space and ‘work’ space. I’m fortunate enough to have a spare room set up as my office, however you can find any cozy corner of your place to make space for work. It’s also important for me to keep my space clear – tidy desk, tidy mind; and this probably tops the list of my working from home tips.

Take breaks, but don’t lose focus

It’s really important to take short breaks as often as possible when you’re working from home – but don’t fall into the trap of getting distracted by the laundry that needs doing, or the latest episode of that binge-worthy Netflix show. It’s a slippery slope, in my experience. Instead, use your break time to get outside in the fresh air, even if it’s just for a few minutes every hour, and look away from your screen.

Schedule a lunch break, and stick to it!

Decide when your lunch break will be, and ignore your to-do list for that time. Eat well, drink lots of water, call a friend, walk the dog… Try and ensure your lunch break is a proper break. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to get stuck into work again when you’re done.

Communication is key

Keep in touch with your colleagues, clients, and wider network; even just a quick message to say hello and encourage the lines of communication. It can feel isolating and sometimes overwhelming to be working alone from home, so make it a priority to check in with others.

Have a ritual at the end of the day

I always try to take ten minutes at the end of my work day to tidy my desk, write a to-do list for tomorrow, and enjoy a glass of wine. This marks the ‘end’ of my work day (it’s often not the end, but it’s when I re-join the rest of the family), and helps shift my mind back to family and home time. This might be different for you, but try to have a distinct end to your work time and close the inbox down for the evening if you can.

These are just some of my working from home tips – everyone’s different, and it may take some time to adjust to the new normal. Remember that so many people are in the same situation. Be kind to each other, reach out and connect, and don’t forget to keep work life and home life separate as much as possible.

Need some additional advice? Get in touch! Happy to chat any time.